MARCO CARLO STOPPATO was born in Milano on February the 23th, 1962. He decided to become a volcanologist when he red “A Journey to the Center of the Earth” by Jules Verne. He was  9 years old. His passion for the Nature brought him to get a degree in Geology and Volcanology, and a specialization in Paleontology. During 5 months of research in Mexico, he also developed his love for photography. An experience that brought him to start working as a photographer. His main focus is Nature, with particular interest in geo-sciences like geography and geology, and paleontology.

Since 1989 he has been working as a photo reporter for different magazines and organizations. From 1997 he devoted more and more time to research, traveling among the most active volcanoes of the world, in search of amazing places where nature build landscapes of stunning beauty.

He produced more than 300 reportages and wrote 8 books, 3 of which translated in English, French, Spanish and Japanese (Volcanoes, Fossils, and Deserts). He was involved in the production of documentaries as well.

Marco is the president of the Association Vulcano Esplorazioni.

His personal website as a professional photographer is:



AMANDA RONZONI was born in  small town near Milan, on March 1st, 1972. She got a degree in Oriental Languages and Cultures (Japanese and Standard Chinese), with a specialization in Cultural Studies, and a master in Communication.  In 2004 she started working as a photojournalist, with travel reportages and articles focused on environment and sustainable development. Her main concern is Nature and the relationship between Man and Nature, and through pictures and articles, she tries to inform people and make them aware of the effects of our behavior has on the planet.

Together with the colleague Marco Carlo Stoppato she produces exhibits dedicated to Nature and geo-sciences, to show people the fragile beauty of our Earth and remind them the importance to protect it for the future generation.

Amanda and Marco are producing reportages dedicated to Nature, sciences and the effect of human behavior over the environment. Their website is

For the Association she is in charge of communication and PR activities.



DANIELA GALASSO was born in Milan, on July the 12th, 1961. She has a degree in Biology, with a experimental thesis on molecular biology.
From 1987 until 1989, she had a research work in Milan Cancer Institute, making researches on oncogenic receptors, producing articles with her team, issued in Italy and abroad.

In 1989 she started working as a teacher of Science and Physics in Milan, keeping her activities to raise public awareness and public understanding of science and technology through conferences and science communication.

For our association she is in charge of developing the didactic contents for the exhibits, the lessons and the conferences we offer to schools and the public in general.



ALBERTO SACCANI was born in Milano on 1967. He got a degree in Geology at the Pavia University, then started working as a cartographer for Studio Area in Parma and AQUATER (ENI group), updating some maps of Italy. He taught Cartography on a Course for Certified Guides specialized in Volcanology in Campania (Southern Italy), Topographic Map  Interpretation and Orienteering for Lombardia Region (Northern Italy) School for Alpine Guides, Mid-mountain Guides, Alpine Ski and Northern Ski Trainers. One of the founders of the Didactic Association for the Environment called "La Montagna Incantata", he worked from 1998 to 2003 to popularize environmental education and trekking in schools, both in Italy and abroad.

From 2001 he has been working as a consultant with the company MAP, developing Human Resources training programs for change management and development, and as a scientific consultant for projects of Social Responsibility. From 2003 he started developing programs and project dedicated to Natural Sciences, Environmental Education and Recycling.



LUCA LUPI was born on April the 24th, 1966, in Pontedera (Pi).Explorer, photographer and writer, while studying at the College he founded the company Vulcano Esplorazioni, company devoted to research, exploration and scientific popularization of Geology and Volcanology.

He planned and organized many scientific expeditions to explore volcanoes in Italy, Greece, Iceland, Eastern Africa, Central and Southern America, gathering a lot of material and data to produce articles and reportages, both for scientific publications and travelling magazines.

His books: Leopoldo Traversi, dieci anni di esplorazioni africane (1884-1894), Maurizio Buonfanti, dal Sahara all'Africa equatoriale (1881-1885), Sulle strade della Rift Valley: Dancalia e Sulle strade della Rift Valley: Oldoinyo Lengai. He is consultant for the international project "Encyclopaedia Aethiopica"; he is one of the authors of the Bulletin Archivio per l'Antropologia e la Etnologia and for The Encyclopaedia of Exploration issued by the Australian Hordern House. The last book issued is "Dancalia, L'esplorazione dell'Afar, un'avventura italiana" (