- August 3rd - September 18th, 2011


Cortina d'Ampezzo, Alexander Girardi Hall, via Marangoi 1


From August 3rd until September 18th, 2011  the Scientific Association Vulcano Esplorazioni will display the exhibit VOLCANOES – FIRE FROM THE EARTH in the Alexander Hall, in Cortina d’Ampezzo (Belluno, Dolomites).

The event is fully focused on the amazing world of volcanoes, and displays 40 big pictures of  volcanoes taken by Marco C. Stoppato & Amanda Ronzoni. The exhibit has the aim to bring this world closer to the public through highly evocative images, accompanied with notes about the locations and their geological formation, some samples of rocks and dioramas. The images are by Marco C. Stoppato (volcanologist, photo reporter and journalist) & Amanda Ronzoni (journalist and photo reporter): the pictures have an emotional impact that everyone can understand and be enticed by, together with a scientific perspective useful to understand better the phenomenon. The landscapes in the pictures significantly show hostile as well as amazing environments, often an harsh field where to work and take pictures.

The photographic exhibit is enriched by some samples of volcanic rocks, like lavas, volcanic bombs, obsidians and so on, all useful to understand the mechanism of the dynamic of eruption. 3D dioramas and didactic notes will explain volcanic phenomena in an easy way.

A section of the exhibit will displays a collection of objects all related to volcanoes, like drawings, historical postcards, the illustrated covers issued by Domenica del Corriere (one of the most popular Italian daily magazine) after the main volcanic eruptions occurred in 1900, phone cards with pictures of volcanoes, stamps and other objects.

A video will show some spectacular eruptions recorded by Vulcano Esplorazioni team during expeditions to the slopes of some of the most restless volcanoes of the world.

In the end, some didactic panels will tell the geologic history of the Dolomites, that started “growing” after long phases of violent volcanic activities, so linking the exhibit to the local area.
The amazing geologic story under development that gave birth to the present day landscape, recently inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The exhibit is under the Patronage of the Major of Cortina d’Ampezzo, Andrea Franceschi, and the Councillor for Culture, Social Policies, Family and Youths, Giovanna Martinolli, in collaboration with GIS Cortina and thanks to the sponsors that sustained the authors.

We want to thank: FOCUS, the scientific magazine that in the recent years has been one of the most important partner to our organization, INTESA SAN PAOLO and CASSA DI RISPARMIO DEL VENETO, that made the exhibit possible, CANON and MANFROTTO for the technical support and equipment, EARTH VIAGGI and ICELANDAIR for the logistic support in our traveling around the world.

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