Photographic exhibit by Marco Stoppato and Amanda Ronzoni, curator Sigurdur Thorsteinsson and Vulcano Esplorazioni, produced under the Coat of Arms of Iceland and the Municipality of Milano, in collaboration with the Trade Council of Iceland, Icelandic Touristic Board, Innovation Center of Iceland, Icelandair, Promos, Design Group Italia. Milano downtown, Corso Vittorio Emanuele, from February 26th to March 16th, 2010.


The exhibit explores the not always easy relationship between man and Nature in Iceland. It has always been difficult, since the beginning. For long Nature, with its primal forces, has dominated man, who gained overhand only in recent centuries, thanks largely to technology. But the price has been high: the man has inflicted serious injuries to the environment in which he lives, to assert his power. In Iceland one immediately feels that this presumption of superiority is an illusion. Here the energy and the forces of Nature, which are so easy to forget living in large cities, are constantly before our eyes in numerous ways. Nature remains dominant and Icelanders have learned to respect it, to live in harmony with its primordial forces and to appreciate them. And harmony in Iceland does not mean radical conservationism, but innovative solutions for sustainable use of the resources that Iceland provides. To use the energy of Nature, nourishing from it maintaining a virtuous balance, knowing that man is not at the top of a pyramid, but an important ring of a long chain.

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The exhibit displayed in Corso Vittorio Emanuele, in Milano

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